Megaphono 2017 [Day 1]

It is February and it was the beginning of the third annual Megaphono Festival.
The event runs from February 1st to 3rd.
Lido Pimienta @ Megaphono 2017

The first day started off with three panels which I attended at Citizen and they were:

Megaphono 2017
CIMA presents – Get the Best From Your Fest: Making the Best of Your Festival Experience. Panelists: Grimur Atlason (Iceland Airwaves); Dan Seligman (POP Montreal); Emy Stantcheva (CIMA); Mar Sellars (Mar on Music); Adele Slater (CODA)
Megaphono 2017
POP Symposium presents Do Something Real: Online Promo That Rings True Panelists: Sarah Shoucri (Pop Montreal); Amber Carew (ANTI-); Evan Whikehart (Secretly Group); Beth Martinez (Danger Village); Colleen Krueger (Flemish Eye / Landlocked MGMT)
Megaphono 2017
Edwards PC Creative Law presents Before the Shredder: Contracts in Music Panelists: Gareth Smith (Sub Pop); Melanie Stone (Sonic Entertainment); Byron Pascoe (Edwards PC Creative Law); Florent Clavel (Third Side Music)

Went to the industry mixer at Lixar and Kalle Mattson perform three songs there
Kalle Mattson @ Megaphono 2017
The big night was at Le Temporaire which Debaser and Babely Shades presented.
Performing there was Pippa, Un Blonde and Lido Pimienta.
Pippa @ Megaphono 2017
Un Blonde @ Megaphono 2017
Lido Pimienta @ Megaphono 2017
Went to Petit Chicago and caught Malak.
Malak @ Megaphono 2017
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