mitchell museum – Warning Bells

This is my second post on mitchell museum.
First post being here.
Their single “Warning Bells” is available on iTunes so go and buy (or steal) the single.
If you can’t buy the single, the band has put out a site where you can download remixes of “Warning Bells“.

Here is a blurb on what the band is.
Splattering the more instantaneous moments of Animal Collective, Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse Pollock-style onto a fluorescent canvas, and capped by a healthy dose of hyperactivity, ‘Warning Bells’ is a frenzied klaxon call of an introduction to this Glaswegian secret.
Anyways I love this song alot.
Here are two of my favorite remixes.
Warning Bells (We Were Promised Jetpacks Remix)
Warning Bells (Coach-a-Cola Remix)
Here again is the music video for Warning Bells.

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