Motorists – Surrounded [Streaming]

Toronto’s Motorists dropped their debut album Surrounded via We Are Time (USA), Bobo Integral (ROW), Debt Offensive (CAN)
12 tracks of vibrantly retro indie jangle pop rock music.

About the album:
Driving is a huge part of rock and roll’s enduring mythology.
Images of cruising down the highway with friends and lovers while basking in the freedom of the open road pervade pop music’s lyrical canon.

Yet, so often, these idealized images clash with the everyday drudgery of being a motorist: traffic jams, detours, and bad news on the radio.

This tension is central to Surrounded, an album that is as much about the colourful possibilities of life as it is about the way those possibilities are boxed in by technologies.

In a world where everyone’s been in their own bubble, Motorists have pushed theirs together and worked through feelings of isolation as a group to the tune of jangly guitars, infectious power-pop hooks, and a steady motorik beat.

Surrounded is an album about modern living and, as Fahner succinctly describes, “isolation in a technologically saturated society, laden with romanticism around radical togetherness.”

Surrounded (the album) gets:

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