Zoon, Chautauqua Gang and Strange Fugitive @ Club Saw

It has been 540 days since I last been to a indie live Ottawa show in due to the pandemic.
Now the streak of missing live show has been broken and I got to attend this great sold out show at Club Saw on September 3, 2021.
Performing was 2021 Polaris Music Prize short-lister Toronto band Zoon and two Ottawa acts Chautauqua Gang and Strange Fugitive.
In these pandemic times, it felt like foreign concept on what to do to at the show.
Luckily the weather was wonderful for the show to be outdoors.
The first band to perform was Ottawa’s Strange Fugitive.
A set of heavy atmospheric post rock music.
Second band was Chautauqua Gang with their instrumental experimental alternative-rock music.
Ending the night was Toronto’s Zoon with their shoegaze alternative music.
Performing tracks from Bleached Waves was wonderfully moody and head-bopping.
This was something Ottawa needed in a glimmer of hope for live music.

Overall show gets:

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