New Country Rehab & Meredith Luce @ Pressed [August 18, 2013]

Can’t believe I actually went to this show despite being all tired out from Arboretum Festival.
I really wanted to go to this show at Pressed because the band finally gets to play in Ottawa.
Playing at the show
New Country Rehab
New Country Rehab @ Pressed
Meredith Luce
Meredith Luce @ Pressed

Show started off with Ottawa’s Meredith Luce.
I have to say it’s been awhile (about 2 years) since I last saw her play live.
Simply her on the guitar and played a nice set of indie acoustic folk pop music.
Most of the songs she played were from a upcoming new album and some old tunes.
It was also the first time she has played Pressed which was a perfect fit.
Meredith Luce @ Pressed
Finally it was New Country Rehab from Toronto.
I was very glad to finally see them playing in Ottawa.
Usually the band plays at the Black Sheep Inn which is difficult for people who don’t drive.
Anyways the band put on an amazing set of indie folk alterna-country music.
Being a Sunday the audience was sitting down but it would have been nice for people standing and dance to their music.
The band was promoting their current second album Ghost of Your Charms.
John sure knows how to play that fiddle!!
Definitely a great set!!
New Country Rehab @ Pressed
Overall I had a enjoyable night at Pressed
Here are the rest of the photos.

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