NXNE 2012: 4th Annual Manning BBQ Party/Show [June 15, 2012]

I spent my Friday afternoons to this unofficial BBQ thrown by this person named Tim McCready.
This was my first time check out this event.
In it’s fourth year, this event has been the talk of the festival.
Last year Rich Aucion played in the basement. (Sad that I missed it)
With the price of the ticket, this was definitely worth.
Great music and unlimited foods one being a roasted pig on spit and those vegetarians/vegans there was the options of non meat.
This BBQ was so secret they didn’t give out a list of who was playing.
Manning BBQ

I got there and Julie Doiron was playing the last song of the set.
A beautiful set she put on.
Julie Doiron @ Manning BBQ
Next was this really young all girl trio called Unfinished Business.
Cute and catchy music they played.
Unfinished Business @ Manning BBQ
Inside the living room Marine Hearald was playing.
She played a nice acoustic folk pop set of her music.
Nice intimate set and also did a nice Stevie Nicks cover.
Marnie Herald @ Manning BBQ
I was amazed with Choir!Choir!Choir!.
They are a Toronto singing group made up of volunteers and musicians.
Run by Nobu Adilman (Yes the brother of Mio) and Dave.
It was a big group and they sang from the Supremes (forgot the name of the song), Tears for Fears’ Mad World and Madonna’s La Isla Bonita.
I even ended up singing but not in the choir. 😛
Next was Little Orton Hoggett and His Ten Cent Wings.
They got things all country rock with their set.
I noticed that playing on the drums was Sloan’s Chris Murphy!
People started dancing at the last song of their set.
Little Orton Hoggett and His Ten Cent Wings @ Manning BBQ
Shell Shag rocked it up with their set.

Lastly I caught Buck 65‘s set.
I was surprised that he was playing at this party.
I guess that is why this BBQ is good keeping the surprise.
This was the first time seeing him play to a small intimate crowd.
He did play his classics like “Way Back When”.
Buck 65 @ Manning BBQ
Overall I was glad to be at this BBQ during NXNE.
Hopefully I will back to check it out next year.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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