Ohbijou (Review)

August will be the month of Ohbijou says X3
Which couldn’t be a good time for the band who just recently dropped their second album Beacons.
When I first heard of them it was during the summer of 2007 and I was listening to CBC‘s Q and they were the Friday live guest.
Not to my knowledge that the band is usually connected to The Acorn (touring wise).
If they won’t be offended, I like to call them the female version of The Acorn.
During the years of 2007-2008 there was no word on what was going on with them.
Until I saw them finally saw them live for the first time in Ottawa on Dec 2008.
So I will take the time and review both albums.
Swift Feet For Troubling Times

In 2006, their first album Swift Feet For Troubling Times we were introduced by the band from Brantford.
This whole album is full of indie orchestral folk pop.
It has this organic naturist sound to it.
Love hearing the instrumentation of violin, harmochord, glockenspiel, organ and melodica.
Great vocals from Casey.
Still have to say the standout track has to be St.Francis.
Best tracks:

  • Otherside
  • St.Francis
  • Misty Eyes
  • Blizzards
  • Steep
  • Lamppost
  • The Woods

Beacons picks up where Swift Feet For Troubling Times left off.
This time the album sounds clerer, tighter and more of a bigger production.
Also to point out that they are signed to Last Gang Records.
I have to say this is another great album to be out in 2009.
There is alot of orchestral sounds in this album.
One stood out sounding like a Bjork track (Wildfires).
New Year is one of the standout tracks in Beacons. Sounds like it picked up where St.Francis left off.
Casey’s vocals is so amazing to hear and has that angelic feel to it.
Best tracks:

  • Wildfires
  • Black Ice
  • Cliff Jump
  • Cannon March
  • Thunderlove
  • New Years
  • We Lovers

Overall both albums are amazing and you should buy both albums.
Swift Feet For Troubling Times I would give it a 9/10
Beacons I would give it 9.5/10
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