Olenka and Slow Down Molasses @ Raw Sugar Cafe

It was a nice October 27th event of music at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Playing there were:
Jonathan Pearce (who hosted the show)
Jonathan Pearce @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers
Olenka and Autumn Lovers @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Slow Down Molasses
Here is a 12 minute interview I did with one member Slow Down Molasses
Slow Down Molasses @ Raw Sugar Cafe

As I always say this is my favorite place to go to for music now.
Jonathan Pearce started off the set with his music.
More like a Winchester Warm set since Matt the drummer joined in the last two songs of the set.
Can’t wait for the Winchester Warm CD whenever that comes out.

Next was London Ontario’s Olenka and the Autumn Lovers.
Olenka and Autumn Lovers @ Raw Sugar Cafe
This band had six members and surprised they could fit in that small area.
This was my first time hearing them.
Heard some buzz around them and they were really amazing.
They sort of remind me of Forest City Lovers and Ohbijou.
Mix of indie folk, pop, stringy pop and rock.
Nice hearing a song they sang in French called Papillon which was amazing to hear.
Other songs like Flash In The Pan and 45.

Finally the Saskatoon band Slow Down Molasses played.
I really enjoyed their set alot.
Very indie folky rock.
Slow Down Molasses @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Surprised that this band had seven members and they could fit in that section too.
My favorite was they had this toy piano in their set.
They reminded me of Rah Rah since they have a song called F**king Up.
I didn’t sit much since I wanted to get some shots the band.
Having such a fun rocking time with their music.

Overall it was an amazing show and a packed event at Raw Sugar Cafe.

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