Sprengjuhöllin @ Avant-Garde Bar

Icelandie musicians are so musically creative.
October 26th, I decided to hit up Avant-Garde Bar to see this band from Iceland called Sprengjuhöllin.
It was sort of last minute and just want to check them out.
Was sort of announced last Friday for this show.
Also playing were:
The City Above
The City Aboce @ Avant-Garde Bar
River City Junction
River City Junction @ Avant-Garde Bar
Here is a Youtube clip of how to pronounce their name.

I’ve seen The City Above play at various shows in Ottawa.
This time it was just two-fifths of the band because Avant-Garde Bar is very small and the band is big with their equipment IE keyboards and drums etc and etc.
So it was just the bassist and guitar player.
Nice set to listen to.
The City Aboce @ Avant-Garde Bar
The next band was River City Junction and they were good with their music.
River City Junction @ Avant-Garde Bar
I was surprised to see Kryie Kristmanson at the show.
It was nice to see her there and is a fan of Sprengjuhöllin.
Sprengjuhöllin @ Avant-Garde Bar
Looking up their bio on LastFM, apparently they are successful in Iceland.
Their music is indie pop rock just sung in Icelandic.
But the band did sing some english song which were translated from their albums just to broaden the english music scene.
Atli who plays the keyboard did mostly the funny witty banter after each song.
Like saying its a Monday night and they need the money since Iceland is not doing well in the economy.
Sprengjuhöllin @ Avant-Garde Bar
I really enjoyed their music, which was a mix of of poppy energetic tracks to one that almost sounded like abit of Sigur Ros.
Sprengjuhöllin @ Avant-Garde Bar
Considering I don’t know a word of Icelandic but its a nice language to listen to.
The last song they played was amazing. Love the cowbell and it was passed to Marc of Bridging The Atlantic blog.
Great band and wish they can come back to Ottawa.
Makes me want to go to Iceland badly now!
Here are more Youtube clips.

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