Osheaga 2010 (Review): Part One

I went to Montreal and attended the fifth annual Osheaga Music Festival.
I just wanted to have a fun time at Osheaga and not get stressed out on running from one stage to another stage.
This time I focused and stayed for a whole set for the acts that I saw.
I did take some photos but used a point and shoot digicam.
I am not going to review all of who I saw.
So I will make separate entries.
In part one, I saw:

I caught parts of the Walkmen when I arrived at the festival.
They were really great live.
It really made want to get their album and a upcoming album.

After the Walkmen I ran over to see Owen Pallett.
He started with E Is For Estranged (which is my favorite song).
Something happened, he stops half-way and complains about the monitor situation.
I was like “Yikes! I can’t believe he did that!” or “Oh no! He didn’t”. With some of the audiences cheering on.
It was great to see some members of Arcade Fire were at the side of the stage watching him play.
It was something to see.
Wasn’t until the last song that he couldn’t take the monitor fiasco and just abruptly quit half way through the song.
But it was a great set.

Then I went to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
While waiting, I did catch some of Sarah Harmer’s set.
Her set seem kind of mellow and low.
It wasn’t too loud.
Anyways it was my first time see Edward Sharpe and they were really great live.
Favorite part was the lead singer, just jump off the stage and went right into the crowds.
It was something to see in that set.

Went to see Little Scream.
I was surprised that she had a backing band this time.
They were Elizabeth Powell from Land Of Talk, Richard Reed Perry of Arcade Fire playing drums and one member of Bell Orchestre.
I was wowed with that line up.
She put on a great set.

Japandroids was nuts!
I was happy to finally see a set this year.
They are totally doing really well with their live sets.
So well, I had to becareful not to get into the mosh pit area.

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