Ottawa Bluesfest 2011: Day 9 (Part III)

Another Ottawa Bluesfest 2011 show that would like to be mention in it’s own post from Da 9.
Montreal’s Winter Gloves played at the Barney Danson Theatre.
Lucky it was indoors and air conditioned.
Winter Gloves @ Bluesfest 2011
Well they put on a well attended/packed show.
Even I was surprised with the turnout considering the various times I’ve seen them live. (Click on the Winter Gloves tag here)
For the first song they play which is from “All Red”.
But the second song is still considered my favorite which is “Factories”.
That was when people started to stand up.
Since I missed the whole set due to see the Arkells (In a later post).
I came back and found out that the people were standing near the stage.
This was the first time at the Barney Danson Theatre where people got on their feet!
Winter Gloves @ Bluesfest 2011
Good job Winter Gloves!!
Here are the rest the photos.

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