Our Lady Peace @ NAC’s Southam Hall

Our Lady Peace stopped by National Art Centre‘s Southam Hall for their The Wonderful Future Tour.
This is actually my first time that I actually stayed for a whole show and in an indoor setting.
Usually when they perform in Ottawa which is at an outdoor festival like Bluesfest, I leave after the third to fifth song after a long day being at a festival.
This tour was being touted as a hologram theatrical experience.
I’m sorry to say this but that was no hologram, it was basically two video screen box. When I think of hologram, this comes to mind.
The whole story with A.I. Molly and Ray Kurzweil was kind of eye rolling and noticing the audience was mostly talking or giggling during that part.
The so called pre-recorded hologram had special guests from former band member Mike Turner, Sarah Slean performing a piano version of Julia and Nadya of Pussy Riot on Stop Making Stupid People Famous.
I feel like I passed the prime excitement during the Clumsy/Happiness era and how awesome would it be to see that concert without all the bells & whistles.
Still great to singalong to their classics (in order) like One Man Army, Superman’s Dead, Innocent, Is Anybody Home?, Clumsy (still my favorite) and 4am (double wow).
At least I didn’t roll my eyes on any mentions of NFTs that Raine loves to plug.
Thanks to Ross Macdonald for letting me use his photos from the concert.
Also thanks to a friend who got me a ticket.
Overall show gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.
Check out the gallery photographed by Ross Macdonald.

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