Paper Lions & The Donna Litas @ Raw Sugar Cafe [December 8, 2011]

Went to a fun rocking show at the Raw Sugar Cafe on December 8, 2011.
Playing at the show was PEI’s Paper Lions and Ottawa’s The Donna Litas.
The show turned out to be a success.
The place was packed with people.
Paper Lions @ Raw Sugar Cafe

The show started off with the Donna Litas from Ottawa.
I think this was the first time seeing them live.
The band used to be The Sunjet Records Band.
They were great live and had that high indie rock sound.
The Donna Litas @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Next was Paper Lions.
They totally tore the place up with their indie pop rock music.
I was totally getting into their music.
The band played tracks from their Trophies EP and some brand new songs from an upcoming album.
Even covered a Crobsy, Stills and Nash song.
The band did wear all red for the holiday season.
But later took them because they were getting hot.
I really enjoyed this show.
Paper Lions @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Before the show, Emily Robertson interview John of Paper Lions.
Have a listen to the interview.
Paper Lions @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Here are the photos.

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