Paramedics – III [Review] + Ottawa show on April 2nd + The Love Machine show contest

III Cover Art
Now it’s time for me that I should finally get to write about Ottawa’s Paramedics.
The band consist of:

Back then they used to have more members (Check out photos from May 31, 2009).
Considering I’ve seen them live a bunch of times.
Missed out their EP release on January 22nd at Babylon.

Now having listened to the three tracks on III (which you can get on iTunes).
It’s a mix of indie alternative electro-rock and sometime’s experimental.

When I listen to On Fire // Not On Fire, it has that Rage Against The Machine sound.
It’s a heavy track to listen to.
Witch Hunt which is free to download still has that noisy hypnotic rock sound.
Lifeguards Association, est. 1983 has that indie dreamy rock sound. Lots of scorching guitar riffs and bleeps and glitches.

I was kind of impressed with III.
Hope the band will make more music.
I think it would be cool if their music was featured on Weird Canada.
I’d give III a 8/10.
Don’t forget to see them on April 2nd at Cafe Dekcuf. [FACEBOOK EVENT]
Check out the video for Trails / Broken Windows

Speaking about The Love Machine since Allan is in that band.
With the permission from Jordan David of the band.
Giving away two free tickets for the Love Machine with Papermaps, Yes, Please & Thank You at Zaphod Beeblebrox on April 15th in Ottawa.
If you want to win the tickets, just email them that you want The Love Machine tickets.
Contest will end on April 14th at 12pm.

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