Peeling, Slow Dawn and TBWNIS @ House of Targ

Found out a few weeks ago that Toronto band Peeling was performing at House of Targ on May 24th.
They have an EP coming out on May 26th called 7 Years of Blood via Buzz Records.
There was no way I was going to miss out this show.
Great noise post-punk rock set!!
Peeling @ House of Targ
The second band was Ottawa’s Slow Dawn.
Noise psych-rock and lots of slapping and hitting the guitar!
Slow Dawn @ House of Targ
The first band was The Band Whose Name is a Symbol.
This will be a surprise for some that it was my first time seeing them perform.
I know they are an Ottawa institution with their instrumental psych-rock.
Now I can say that I actually got to see them.
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol @ House of Targ

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