Playlist & Interview on Photogmusic LIVE [June 2, 2014]

On my radio show, I had a phone interview with Rob of Dearly Beloved.
The band will be playing this Thursday night at House of Targ, opening up for U.S. Girls.
The interview is in the first hour and is around the 40 minute mark.
It was the debut of the Top 5 Songs of the week. (Don’t forget to vote for next week’s songs)
Have a listen to the first hour.

Photogmusic LIVE – June 2, 2014 (Hour One) + Interview with @thebeloveds by Photogmusic on Mixcloud

Have a listen to the second hour.

Photogmusic LIVE (Hour Two + Top 5 Songs of the Week) by Photogmusic on Mixcloud


  • U.S. Girls – Overtime/28 Days
  • Hollerado – Desire 126
  • Sunfields – Oh! Dear Mother
  • Fucked Up – The Art of Patrons
  • Nightshades – The Beauty of Dreaming
  • HSY – Cyberbully
  • Odonis Odonis – Angus Mountain
  • Brave Radar – Too Long Weekend
  • Dearly Beloved – Enduro (feat. Chris Goss)/Astor DuPont Payne/Not My Pig
  • Weaves – Buttercup
  • Rich Aucoin – Are You Experiencing?
  • Owen Pallett – Infernal Fantasy
  • Mozart’s Sister – Enjoy
  • Austra – Habitat
  • Top 5 Songs of the Week
  • FKA Twigs – Ultraviolet
  • Chad VanGaalen – Frozen Paradise (4:19)
  • Purity Ring – Amenamy (Jon Hopkins Remix)
  • Dilly Dally – Next Gold
  • Peach Kelli Pop – Mindreader
  • The White Wires – It’s Been A While
  • A Sunny Day in Glasgow – In Love With Useless

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