Pop Montreal 2014: Arbutus Records Showcase @ La Sala Rossa [September 19, 2014]

Friday night during Pop Montreal, I stayed all night at La Sala Rossa.
In my opinion, it was the “it” show to attend.
Arbutus Records (my favorite Montreal labels) had their showcase.
The show started off with HOMESHAKE.
It is Peter Sagar’s project who I found out left Mac DeMarco to pursue this.
He played mostly from his album In The Shower.
It was a nice set.
HOMESHAKE @ La Sala Rossa
Second act was Toronto’s Lydia Ainsworth.
This was my first time seeing her and Arbutus Records has been a big supporter.
It was a cool set with her colourful projection and her atmospheric orchestral pop music on the vains of Kate Bush.
During the set, there was an installation and I saw a snake was coming out of it.
Very intriguing, cool and somewhat scary at the same time!
Lydia Ainsworth @ La Sala Rossa
Third act was Moon King.
I happened to see them at the BBQ day show.
It was different a contrast because the audience started moshing to their music.
I kind of got annoyed with some drunken French dude, I almost wanted to deck him.
With that, it was definitely a great set.
Moon King @ La Sala Rossa
Finally it was TOPS to shine the stage.
The band just put out their second album Picture You Staring.
At that time the place was packed and sold out.
I was kind of surprised to see tight the band has been musically.
They mostly played from the album, I was hoping to hear old materials from Tender Opposite like Rings of Saturn.
Glad to see a TOPS show and be happy and enjoying for their success!
Tops @ La Sala Rossa
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