Pop Montreal 2016 – September 25, 2016

On the last day of Pop Montreal, there was some stuff to check out.
As I was feeling drained and a little sad but things must go on!
Started off at Pop HQ with the last BBQ day show with L.A. Foster, Hua Li 化力 and Loon.
L.A. Foster @ Pop Montreal 2016
Hua Li 化力 @ Pop Montreal 2016
Loon @ Pop Montreal 2016
Went to Quai des Brumes with a taste of Francophone music by Klô Plegag.
Klô Plegag @ Pop Montreal 2016
Joanne Pollock at Ukrainian Federation.
Joanne Pollack @ Pop Montreal 2016
You never expect me to be at a heavy metal show.
Over at La Sala Rossa, it was a Vice showcase with Dark Circles, Cloud Rat and Wolves in the Throne Room (The heat and the incense almost made want to puke 😛 ).
Dark Circles @ Pop Montreal 2016
Cloud Rat @ Pop Montreal 2016
Wolves in the Throne Room @ Pop Montreal 2016
Caught a bit of Ssurfacing at Brasserie Beaubien.
Ssurfacing @ Pop Montreal 2016
Caught some hip-hop at Mademoiselle with Donzelle and Phoneix Paggliacci.
Donzelle @ Pop Montreal 2016
Phoenix Paggliacci @ Pop Montreal 2016
End things off at the late night/closing party with Prince Experience with Fredy V and Barbara’s Black Space does Bowie.
Barbara's Black Space does Bowie @ Pop Montreal 2016
I can’t believe these five days in Montreal went by so fast.
Can’t wait for 2017’s edition!
Click below for more photos.
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