Q&A with Mozart’s Sister

Mozart's Sister @ Parc de la Petite-Italie
Caila Thompson-Hannant who goes by Mozart’s Sister will finally release her long awaited full-length album “Being” on Asthmatic Kitty (USA) and Paper Bag Records August 5th‏.
With that, I got to ask her some questions.
1. The wait is finally over with the long awaited release of Being dropping in August. How excited are you?
I’m very excited of course! Sometimes when you lay things out on the table it sparks creativity further.
2. What are the themes in Being?
Friendship, loneliness, desire.
3. Most of the songs like Lone Wolf (my favourite) and Chained Together have been played live for about 2 years or so.
Are you glad that they made it on the album?
Yes! they needed to get out there. It was a difficult process trying to decide which songs to put on and which to cut. Making the album was a long process of writing, which always makes things harder I think.
4. The only song from the Hello EP that made it is (in my opinion) everyone’s favourite Don’t Leave It To Me. What made you decided to put it in the album and not put in Mozart’s Sister (the song)
I like Don’t Leave it to Me better 🙂

5. You were in Shapes + Sizes and Think About Life. Would you credit Think About Life for inspiring you into the whole electro-dance pop route?
It was all converging for me at the same time, I think.
My openess to top 40 pop was growing leaps and bounds when I joined TAL.
And of course those guys were pop maniacs.

Think About Life @ Babylon
6. Would you be afraid that people will compare you to solo female musicians like Grimes, Bjork and tUnE-yArDs?
Not at all. Those artists are all inspirations to me… I can see where comparisons can be made.
A growing pool of female artists is only a good thing.
It’s hard when there aren’t as many references to draw from in history of women [music makers, artists, writers, business people, scientists, philosophers, designers, film makers etc etc] as there are men.
I think it becomes easy to compare women to other women.
It could be naive, but I like to think if we expand the pool of women doing things and getting attention the diversity will aide a cross-polination between genres and genders, hopefully dragging us out of a woman/ man musical binary.
It’s happening and has happened. Just has to keep happening!

Mozart's Sister @ The Rivoli
7. Pop Montreal has been one of your big supporters, would you say they helped you become the musician you are?
The year I saw Diamanda Galas and Fever Ray in the same week at POP I think shaped me 🙂
8. What is your favourite songs on Being?
A Move
9. I always wanted to know where the name Mozart’s Sister come from?
It was a re-appropriation of sorts. I wanted to feel powerful in the shadow of the prodigal son.
10. Have to say this is my favourite albums of 2014!!!
thank you!! <3 http://youtu.be/bQpv5fTKD2M Top Canadian Blogs - Top Blogs

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