Q&A with Sleepy and the Noise

This Friday Ottawa rock alterna-pop power trio band Sleepy and the Noise will have their EP release show at Bar Robo.
The members are Sarah Fitzpatrick (bass & vocals), Kira Montfort (drums and vocals) and Christian Pasiak (guitar, vocals).
Before their big night, I got to ask them a few questions.
Sleepy & The Noise @ House of Targ

How did the band get started?

From Christian performing solo gigs around Ottawa, including a Ming Wu 4-in-1 ;), he met people who wanted to play with him – was interested in trying to improve/perfect the sound and find the right people to do it with. He met Kira at a multimedia arts show where she was playing with Lora Bidner – she soon joined. Kira and Sarah met as teachers at Ottawa Rock Camp 4 Girls and the current group came together.

What can people expect for the show this Friday?

A fun party! We’re going to focus on the more upbeat songs from our set and save the ‘sleepier’ material for another venue. The gals from Bonnie Doon will be spinning tracks between sets, and Mushy Gushy will help us get the party vibe going. It’s basically a chance to hear some those catchy summer jams before fall really kicks in.

What are the band’s musical influences?

I feel like we have a pretty broad sound: sometimes the songs are more Beatlesy, sometimes more Pavement or PJ Harvey sounding.

Altitudes is the band’s first EP, right?


How excited it get some songs recorded and bring it out to the public?

Super stoked! We’re really happy with how David Gervais at Swell Studios was able to kind of pick up on what we were going for, so we’re really excited to get the EP out.

What are your favourite songs?

Out of our own songs? I think we all have different favorites, haha

Tunes from other bands?

Sarah: I’ve been rocking Heartbreak Hotel by Mushy Gushy on repeat a lot as well

Christian: I’ve been spinning the new Descendents record and the most recent Born Ruffians.

Kira: Lately, I’ve been hooked on the new K.Flay and PUP

How does Christian feel being the lone guy in the band?

I’m just feeling really lucky to be playing with some awesome musicians. Sex/gender is kind of a non-issue for me, but we all get along really well and I think the more diverse representation there is in the music scene, all social categories, the better. (Sarah: good answer Christian)

Favourite format of music?

Sarah: Live! I honestly am really digging Ottawa’s local scene right now and discovering new bands all the time.

Christian: Yeah, Ottawa’s live music scene has kind of blown me away – it’s that great mix of intimidating and inspiring in a way that makes me more musically productive. I’m also a bit old-school in that I like to listen to full albums, pore over the artwork and liner notes, so the return of vinyl’s been a great format for that.

Kira: Nothing beats listening to a good album front to back….except maybe seeing that band live!

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