Q&A with Vinyl Moon’s Creator and Sinziana Velicescu

UPDATE: The vinyl arrived in the mail and I can give this away!!
I was curious about this vinyl subscription called Vinyl Moon.
Basically a mixtape on vinyl club with really awesome artworks and packaging.
So I got to ask some questions to Brandon Bogajewicz who is the founder and creator of Vinyl Moon.
Also I got to ask questions to Sinziana Velicescu who’s artwork is featured in Volume 12’s Still. Life.

Brandon Bogajewicz, Creator of Vinyl Moon:
For Canadian who don’t about this service.
Give us some details about Vinyl Moon?

Vinyl Moon is best understood with the senses. Hearing it, seeing it, and touching it all explain it better than words can. But I will still try!

Vinyl Moon is a unique blend of music blog, record club, and miniature interactive art installation. Every month. Vinyl Moon aims to create the coolest records around and deliver them to members who have a passion for discovery and aesthetics alike. Vinyl Moon is for people who want to discover new music without looking at a computer screen. Vinyl Moon is for people who believe that something as functional as a record sleeve can also be fine art.

How does it differ from other vinyl subscriptions services?

Most record clubs focus on either:

  1. A full-length album from one band/artist that they select to be sent to customers
  2. An exclusive pressing but only a 7″ record.

VINYL MOON is the only record club that combines the uniqueness of an exclusive pressing of emerging music, with the breadth of a full length album… AND additionally packages it in completely original artwork.

It’s the most ambitious record club out there. Which is what makes it so fun to work on! And hopefully, so fun to receive!

Where did the name come from?

The name felt fitting in a lot of ways. I wanted something to reflect both the uniqueness of the project but also the reliability of a monthly delivery. There is nothing quite like the moon! Earth only has 1! And yet we get to enjoy it all the time. It’s cycle is roughly a month, like the delivery timeline of Vinyl Moon. Plus, if we want to get super weird, the word “moon” has two “o”s which reflect the two sides of a vinyl record… So the name actually comes from a lot of places!

Do you pick the selections of songs that would be in the mix?

First of all, I listen to A LOT of new music. Constantly. I write about the stuff I love on www.theburningear.com and I invite the staff I really love to Vinyl Moon. Then I just go with my gut to weave together a mix of songs that feels right to me.

How do you conquer vinyl plant delay issues because the big labels have dibs first to get their albums out on vinyl quickly?

I’m lucky enough to have built really solid relationships with both my pressing plant and jacket printer. Neither were the companies I started with but with some trial and error I was able to find the right fit for Vinyl Moon and have stuck with them since very early on. I give myself a lot of lead time and communicate with them about progress and stay in touch on delays and deadlines. It is a challenge but nothing that communication, organization, and respect can’t handle!

Since this month’s theme is Still. Life, what is your favourite still life in art and music?

Well since you mention still lifes, I have to mention Casey Gray. He is the artist for Volume 11 and I first fell in love with his work through his kinda oddball still life paintings.
He plays with traditional still life themes while weaving in trippy visual elements that make you look twice. Like adding a lobster or toucan perched next to a checkerboard orange. (Can you tell I love stuff that is hard to explain in words?) He incorporated some of those elements into his design for Volume 11 which I love.

How do you create new ideas to make the packaging more interesting?

As art director, a lot of my inspiration comes from the visual artists I work with. Staring at the work of a fantastic artist is always inspiring. I love figuring out creative ways to showcase their work. It is definitely a collaboration. Lots of brainstorming. Lot’s of research it what is possible and what is a bit outside the boundaries of reality (or budget).

What was the inspiration for your photographs?

The music on this album reminded me of something I’d listen to on a road trip, so I packed my bags and headed on an adventure. I have always drawn inspiration from how the West was created and how we experience America. There is an element of speed both in how the West was urbanized and how we proudly promote car culture as part of what it means to be an American. While partaking in this very exploration via a road trip, I stopped frequently to meditate on the repercussions of the American Dream on the Southwest Landscape, resulting in the Still. Life. series which came with the album.

What format of camera do you use?

Medium format film camera (Mamiya 6)

Do you prefer film or digital?

I shoot mostly analog, it’s nice because it already has a look and I choose the film I want to use for its look, rather than having to create a look with a digital raw photograph. It also forces you to be selective about what you shoot.

How exciting to have your photos to be shown that is being mass produced like an album/book?

Yes ! This is one of the most fun projects I have ever had the honor to be a part of. It’s great to have the artistic freedom to create something that is 100% me and be able to share it with people who aren’t already interested in photography.

Since the theme is Still. Life, what is your favourite still in art and music?

I like the repetitive sounds of krautrock, electronic, and classical music. I also like the stillness of Edward Hopper paintings.

What’s coming up and any chance you may come to Canada to have works shown??

I would love to if I’m invited! I have never been to Canada.

Thanks to the nice people at Big Hassle, they were kind enough to give away Volume 12’s Still. Life Vinyl Moon album.
All you have to do is comment with your name and email and answer this question.
Who is Bradon’s favorite Still Life artist?

One lucky Ottawa winner will win this vinyl!
Giveaway ends on December 19, 2016
Good luck!


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