RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2015 – Day 10 & 11 [July 18-19, 2015]

I hope everyone has recovered from their 11 days from Ottawa Bluesfest 2015.
With that I decided to combine the weekend part of the festival into one post.
On Day 10, the acts that I got to see were Deep Purple, Simple Plan, Milky Chance, Air Supply, Interpol, The Beaches, Riishi Von Rex, Brandon Allan, K.I.D. and Moroccan Sun.
On Day 11, the acts that I got to see were Temperance Movement, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Randy Bachman, Bill Burr, Shuggie Otis, The Tea Party and Johnny Reid.

"Weird Al" Yankovic @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
“Weird Al” Yankovic who performed on the last day of the festival. Truly the best highlight from that day. Playing at 5:30pm to a wide audience of families, teens, hipsters and older people. Very entertaining to say the least with video clips and alot of costume changes.
Milky Chance @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Germany’s Milky Chance who played on Saturday (Day 10) of the festival was my favorite that night. Performing a mix of reggae and electronic music and their was a boat load of people checking out this band which was totally insane!!
Deep Purple @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Deep Purple was the headliner for Day 10 of the festival. Pretty epic classic rock music!
Simple Plan @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Headlining the Claridge Homes Stage was Simple Plan. Didn’t know the band was still around and looks like they haven’t changed abit. While I sort of cringe at their music but their throngs of screaming girls really enjoyed it!
Logic @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Headlining the Monster Energy Stage was rapper Logic. Literally it was bonkers because the kids were literally passing out from the heat or not doing well with their drug intake. It was too crazy and left after the first song.
Air Supply @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Air Supply performing at the Bell Stage on Day 10. Performing their greatest hits to their fans.
Interpol @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Interpol performing at the Claridge Homes Stage on Day 10. I was somewhat excited but felt somewhat disappointed. Their set was sort of a yawn!
The Beaches @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Toronto’s The Beaches performed at the Canadian Stage.
Riishi Von Rex @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Ottawa’s Riishi Von Rex performed at the Claridge Homes Stage. Performing a bluesy rock set!
Brandon Allan @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Ottawa’s Brandon Allan performed at the Barney Danson Theatre. It was a nice intimate folk rock set.
K.I.D. @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
K.I.D. which stands for Kids In Despair performed at the Canadian Stage. Music was a indie garage rock music.
Moroccan Sun @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Moroccan Sun formerly Finding Chuck performed and started off the festival at the Bell Stage on Day 10.
Temperance Movement @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
UK’s Temperance Movement performing at the Claridge Homes Stage on Day 11.
Randy Bachman @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Randy Bachman (host of CBC Radio’s Vinyl Tap) performed at the Bell Stage on Day 11.
Shuggie Otis @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Shuggie Otis performed at the Canadian Stage on Day 11.
DJ Illo @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
DJ Illo at the Fort area of the Festival.
The Tea Party @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
The Tea Party performed at the Canadian Stage on Day 11.
Johnny Reid @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Johnny Reid ended the festival by performing a grandiose set at the Bell Stage.

After 11 days, I can find take time to relax (for now).
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