Remi Wolf – I’m Allergic To Dogs! [Streaming]

Today, Remi Wolf dropped the long awaited EP called I’m Allergic To Dogs! out on Island Records.
The EP includes the catchy and smashing track Photo ID (I think is the standout song on the EP).

About the EP:
Her second EP vibrantly displays the re-imagination of a modern pop star – raw talent in singing and songwriting, a genuine sense of self delivered through humor and uptempo bops, and authenticity in every regard that not only has commanded respect from fans but also musical peers and other artists.
Prior to the EP’s release, Remi shared the tracks “Woo!”, “Photo ID”, and “Disco Man”, all accompanied by 3D rendered visuals created by Dazed 100-nominated director Agusta Yr.
Today, Wolf shared another new visual, this time the for track “Down The Line”.

I’m Allergic To Dogs! gets:

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