Review: Day 1 of i(heart)music festival

August 20th was the first night of the i(heart)music festival.
This year it is three nights of great Canadian Indie bands.
Playing at Cafe Dekcuf were:
Converters @ Cafe Dekcuf
Parlovr (they are called Parlour)
Parlovr @ Cafe Dekcuf
Still Life Still
Still Life Still @ Cafe Dekcuf
Sadie Hell
Sadie Hell @ Cafe Dekcuf

The show started off with Ottawa band Converters.
Saw them before during the spring and they were very fun to listen to.
Converters @ Cafe Dekcuf
Parlovr is a band from Montreal.
This was my first time seeing them.
All I can say is WOW! They were amazing live.
Rocking like crazy!
I like the set up with the arrow traffic lights they had on stage.
Parlovr @ Cafe Dekcuf
Fun and wild hearing them play.
I hope to see them again and recommend you people to see them live.
Bought their album and can’t wait to hear all of it.
Parlovr @ Cafe Dekcuf
Still Life Still was next and don’t need any introduction since I’ve covered them on here.
If you don’t know they are a Toronto band and signed on the Arts & Crafts label.
Another amazing performance by them considering this being the third time.
Have such a great live stage energy presence.
Still Life Still @ Cafe Dekcuf
It was interesting to see the five members play on the small cramp stage of Cafe Dekcuf.
They were here to play Ottawa for the festival and pre-release their debut album “Girls Come Too”.
The interview I did with is hilarious and it will be awhile to edit.
A band that you should definitely check out live not because they are on Arts & Crafts.
Still Life Still @ Cafe Dekcuf
Sadie Hell was the final band.
I didn’t get a chance to see them because it was very late and I didn’t want to miss my bus.
I was kind of bummed out because the band had Jacquie Neville and Liam Jaeger of The Balconies playing.
I did get a few shots of the Ben Welland playing with his guitar.
Coming out from Ben’s mouth that Sadie Hell finally finished making the album.
I would definitely buy that on vinyl
Sadie Hell @ Cafe Dekcuf
Overall it was a nice start for the festival.
Here is a review from CBC Radio 3
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