Winter Gloves – About A Girl (Review)

About A GirlThis year there is a band that I just noticed and ever since I’ve been a big fan of them now.
The band is Winter Gloves who are from Montreal and the members consist of

They released their debut album on September 9, 2008 on Paper Bag Records.

How I first noticed this band was on April 1 in Ottawa where they opened up for Forest City Lovers and The D’Ubervilles.

And the drummer was nice to come up to me about the photos I took.
The band are such nice people.
So far I’ve seen them like 1, 2, 3 and 4 times when they come to Ottawa.
What makes them interesting was before their debut album was out, they would give away or maybe throw their EP/Demo CDs to the unsuspecting crowd.
At least no one got hit in the face when the CD was thrown out.

On to the debut album.
Their music is like a mix of indie pop, rock, alternative with a mix of synth dance.
The album is very fun to listen to.
Also they redid 3 tracks which are Let Me Drive, I Can’t Tell You and Piano 4 Hands.
Which sounds better and clearer.
Lots of good melodies and interesting lyrics.
You get fastpace dancey tracks like Factories, Let Me Drive and Party People and slower tracks like Glass Paperweight, The Way To Celebrate and Piano 4 Hands.

Standout tracks:

  • Factories
  • Let Me Drive
  • About A Girl
  • The Way To Celebrate
  • Piano 4 Hands

Amazing debut album from this Montreal band.


  1. glasspaperweight

    Thank you for the pingback! I’m glad to know that there are people other than me who love Winter Gloves.

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