Show Review: ONFF, Dino Bones and Arietta

I had a fun time at Mavericks seeing all three Toronto bands.
With alot of events happening on May 29th, I decided to choose this show.
Considering it was sort of a last minute shuffling around to get all three acts to play a venue in Ottawa.

All I have to say is that Toronto churns out alot of great indie acts.
Must be something in the Toronto water.
Oh No Forest Firest @ Mavericks
Oh No Forest Fires and Dinosaur Bones were totally amazing, despite having a really short set due to some other event at Mavericks.

Oh No Forest Fires sang two new songs and surely rocked out as always.
Dinosaur Bones @ Mavericks
It was great to see the bands playing there were having a fun time and joining them on stage in certain songs.
That is support within the Toronto music scene.

It was my first time seeing Arietta.
They blew me away with their music.
Arietta @ Mavericks
Overall it was a fun crazy night for these Toronto bands.

In case you missed all these acts tonight.
Don’t worry, Dinosaur Bones will be back in Ottawa on June 12th.

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