Liar's Rosebush – Thank-You Machines! (Review)

Album cover and links to the website
Finally got a chance to listen to this whole album by Ottawa’s electronica artist Liar’s Rosebush.
I thought he is a DJ but he doesn’t really spin records, so I would label him now as a musician.
Got the CD at his CD Release Party.
I would call this a unique concept album.
Going through the journey of the machines.
With this album which features no vocals, its sure is a fun album to dance too.
Usually with this kind of music, I would get really bored if there is no singing when I am dancing around to.
But his music is different from what I’ve been used to from the “dance scene” in Ottawa.

Blends in alot of techno, Drum and bass, jungle, electronica and adds in some jazz, funk and rock.

Listening to the beginning track, Quarter of a Million which made me giggled with the f-bombs being dropped.
The story of it was that his friend got alot of weird voice messages on their cellphone.
So with that used some of the message and put it on to a song.

Message from Senegal is another favorite since it mixes some world beat flavor to it.
Vancouver is another favorite track that I like.

Also love an album that is gapless.
Go on his Myspace and check out the song that you can listen to.
If you want a different approach to local dance music, this is one album you should get or also check him out live.

Favorite tracks:

  • N I L 8
  • Blowdarts and Burning Bridges
  • Light Sweet Crude
  • Message from Senegal
  • Apartment Song
  • Vancouver

The album is also available on iTunes.
Something about that album art cover I find fascinating.

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