Simon Provencher – Choix Multiples [Listen]

Today, Montreal now living in Hull/Gatineau Simon Provencher dropped the single and lyrical music video called Choix Multiples.
The VICTIME band member is going solo and going to release his debut EP Mesures which comes out on March 26, 2021 via Michel Records.
Choix Multiples is a crazy experimental blend and of free jazz, noise-rock and post-punk layered of sound music.
There is a hint of that Fet-Nat sound since Olivier Fairfield did the percussions.

About the song:
“Choix Multiples” evolves around the constant staggered guitar looping and the unstabled harmonics.
The song, written in three parts, spends all of its energy and volume in its first minute as the overwhelming percussion of Olivier Fairfield obscures the hypnotic guitars and diffuse clarinet lines played by Elyze Venne-Deshaies.

Provencher explains about the song.
In the second section, prepared guitars ring out oblique reverberations as if played in reverse while the drums finally tire down and relent, giving way to cymbal resonances and subtle overtones.
The song ends on a complex interplay between clarinet, cymbals, and guitar, slowly and windingly deflating until complete silence.
The title (translated: Multiple choices) is a direct reference to the four clarinet parts that share the melody through the stereo field but also evokes the possibilities of artistic creation.

Choix Multiples gets:

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