Simon Provencher – Et quart [Listen]

Today, Montreal now living in Hull/Gatineau Simon Provencher dropped Et quart.
The second single is taken from his debut EP Mesures which comes out on March 26, 2021 via Michel Records.
Et quart is different from the leading single which is more a fluttery blend of experimental + classical clarinet music.
Also it was mastered at DAÏMÔN by Simon Labelle.

About the track:
“Et quart” finds all the instruments muted only to feature the clarinet loops played by Elyze Venne-Deshaies overlapping on feedback, skillfully played by Provencher, made out from a massive circuit of guitar pedals sending a fraction of its output signal back to the beginning of the chain at the input, and therefore adding a sense of tension in the harmonics.

“In ‘Et quart’, the feedback is relentless, sour, and displeasing; a stark contrast with the fleeting and soft clarinets. There is a clear opposition between the rigorous, mathematical, precise feedback and the breathy, living woodwinds.

But, as Elyze’s melodies take more and more space, the initially conflicting sounds seem to harmonize and merge, culminating in a sublime unison rise at the song’s climax. The unstable sounds can’t maintain this delicate equilibrium for long though.”

Et quart gets:

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