Stars – From The Night [Music Video]

Looks like Stars seems to be churning out new albums every two years.
Since the release of their sixth album “The North” in 2012.
Their seventh album “No One Is Lost” is going to drop on October 14th via Soft Revolution Records (CAN) and ATO (USA).
The leading single “From The Night” the first track on the album has been out and it’s a six minute epic track!
Since it’s not “In Our Bedroom After The War” with it’s piano ballad.
It is more of a upbeat synth pop-rock track.
Let’s hoping they are going back to their early days from the first album “Nightsongs”.
Judging by the album cover, it looks like it will be a disco-y dance-rock kind of album.
They seem to have a thing with night titles ex. The Night Starts Here, One More Night and Sleep Tonight.
Have a listen to the song.

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