Steve Adamyk talks about Arboretum Music + Arts Festival 2012

Arboretum Music + Arts Festival won’t happen until September 15, 2012.
One of the local acts participating in this year’s event is indie garage-pop rock’s The Steve Adamyk Band.
So I got to ask Steve Adamyk on the upcoming event.
Check out on what he has to say!

The Steve Adamyk Band @ Dominion Tavern
How excited is the band to be playing at the inaugural Arboretum Festival?
We are extremely excited. Aside from being honored just to be able to be play, this will more than likely be the first of bigger sequels in the future. Musically, it’s a diverse festival, which is nice. We’re excited to share the stage with a lot of friends that we might not normally.

Is there any acts you are excited to see?
Personally, we’re really excited to see Shotgun Jimmie again. We played a show with him in Calgary as part of Sled Island in June, and we were all really impressed. Great, modest, 90’s style indie rock. Aside from him, Crusades have a slew of new tunes we’re excites to hear , as well as Boyhood and Jokers of the Scene.
Besides the acts, is there a food vendor you like at this festival?
Ottawa has some amazing cuisine. A bunch of us are vegetarians, so it’s great to see so many awesome restaurants catering to meatless options. Manx, Whalesbone, Oz and Town are tops for us.

What can we expect from your live set for those who haven’t seen it?
A bunch of 30 year olds bashing out the same kind of songs we did 15 years ago. Punk, with a dirty nod to pop. We just finished recording our 3rd LP (which will be out this winter) and we’re stoked to unleash a few of these new jams on the 15th.
What do you think a festival like this would be beneficial to the city?
It’s beneficial by being diverse and making people work together. Which, in a city the size of Ottawa, is important.
Can’t wait!!

More info about Arboretum Music + Arts Festival, click here.

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