Sudan Archives & The Growth Eternal @ Bronson Centre

There was no way I didn’t want to miss out this great concert at the Bronson Centre on this Thanksgiving weekend.
Performing on October 8th was Sudan Archives.
I’ve been a big fan since I first heard the song Nont for Sale when I was visiting Seattle on KEXP in 2018.
I didn’t know a few days ago that she will be stopping in Ottawa for the Homecoming Tour.
This was a fun, upbeat and got you dancing for a Thanksgiving Saturday show.
Playing a mix from the two EPs (Sink being my favourite), Athena and the current album Natural Brown Prom Queen.
Definitely one of my favourite shows of this year and great to see Sudan Archives very happy too.
Kicking off the set was The Growth Eternal.
A nice experimental instrumental electro-R&B moody vibe set.
Check out the gallery.

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