Sunday Dance Night with Mozart’s Sister, Antoine 93 & Cosmos Doris @ Cafe Dekcuf

You can call it the unofficial after party for Wufest2014, I had to go because I really wanted to see Mozart’s Sister.
Also it was the first snow fall of 2014 in Ottawa.
There was some people who braved the weather to come out for this show.
Mozart's Sister @ Cafe Dekcuf
I have to say this was like show #3 of seeing Mozart’s Sister.
This time she had a dancer for a performance art kind of piece.
I had a great time hearing a blend of newer materials that isn’t from her full-length album Being which finally came out!
The new tracks had more of a fun dancey vibe to it!
While she played the hits like Don’t Leave It To Me, Mozart’s Sister and Lone Wolf.
I really enjoyed it for the countless times!
Mozart's Sister @ Cafe Dekcuf
Before Mozart’s Sister was Antoine 93
This was the second time seeing him, first being at Pop Montreal 2014.
It was a electro-dance pop set.
Very fun to dance to.
Antoine 93 @ Cafe Dekcuf
First band to start was Ottawa’s Cosmos Doris which featured two members of Grime Kings.
Very experimental pop rock kind of set.
Wasn’t until their last song which had more of a electro-pop sound to it.
Cosmos Doris @ Cafe Dekcuf
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