Suuns – Hold/Still [Review]

When word spread that the Montreal band Suuns was going to drop their third album in 2016, I couldn’t be any more excited!
Since last year they were mostly touring and promoting a different album with Jerusalem in My Heart.
Here is some tidbit on the album:
“An eerily beautiful, meticulously played suite of music that embraces opposites and makes a virtue of cognitive dissonance. It is a record that does not give up its secrets easily.
In May 2015, they decamped to Dallas, Texas to work with Grammy-winning producer John Congleton and for three intense weeks they recorded by day and stewed in their cramped apartment by night. “It felt like we were on a mission – looking for something to take us out of our element, or that might seep into our music”, say the band.”
The outcome on Hold/Still is 11 tracks of dark, mind numbing, heavy pulsating bass and distorting synth/rock music.
It is a small departure from their last album Images Du Futur and taking a chance on a newer sound that doesn’t have people saying “Oh they sound like Clinic” (A band who I haven’t heard their music).
It is like listening to something off from Massive Attack’s Mezzanine era.
Literally Hold/Still will either make you pee or jizz your pants off!

Best tracks:

  • Fall
  • Instrument
  • Mortise and Tenon
  • Translate
  • Brainwash
  • Paralyzer
  • Infinity

I’d give Hold/Still:

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