Sylo – Bento Box / American Idea [Listen]

Today, Toronto alt R&B musician Sylo dropped two songs in time for Asian Heritage Month called Bento Box and American Idea via Muk Posh.
A cool laid-back R&B pop tune and what is it like being Asian.

About the track:
“Bento Box” is the more upbeat of today’s two releases, with a melody that begs for a summer car ride with the windows down.
Similar to the variety of compartmentalized treats you get in a bento box, being with the right person allows you to appreciate all of their wonderful traits, one by one.
Lyrically expressive, this track creates visuals within itself.

On “American Idea”, Sylo gets more introspective on the struggle of growing up never having examples in Western media of romantic relationships that involved people who represented his culture.
Elaborating further into this, Sylo said, “I wrote American idea to reflect on my life, particularly in love and identity.
First it started with my view and relationship with romance itself. I realized growing up, how love that was portrayed in media (mostly Western) really played a part in creating this unrealistic and unhealthy view of love.
It also caused me to disconnect more with myself physically, as I found everyone I was looking up to and fantasizing to someday be, did not look like me.
I then soon found myself digging deeper and finding even more nuanced characteristics and views I had that was so deeply ingrained with Western media in general.”

Bento Box / American Idea gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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