Tanya Davis and Colin Vincent @ Raw Sugar Cafe

It was a mix of music and poetry at Raw Sugar Cafe on December 3, 2010.
Playing at the show were Tanya Davis and Colin Vincent.
There was a surprising turnout for the show.
Tanya Davis @ Raw Sugar Cafe

People actually came out to see Tanya play despite various events. (one being Old Man Luedecke‘s three night show at the Black Sheep Inn)
Colin Vincent was first to play.
He mostly did some poetry readings of his materials.
He was accompanied by a guitarist.
Which added some music for the poetry readings.
Had that coffee house-esque feel to it.
Colin Vincent @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Finally Tanya Davis was up.
It was just her solo again but mentioned about coming back in the winter (2011) for a full band.
She was amazing live, started off with one of her poems.
Sang songs from the new album Clock and Hearts Keep Going.
Most of the songs were about love, like falling in love, falling out of love and all the crazy stuff.
Sang the really catchy “Tra-la-la”.
Did the popular poem/Youtube called “How To Be Alone“.

Great she sang Art at the end.
Tanya Davis @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Overall it was a surprising great show!
Here are the rest of the photos.
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