Best of 2010: Canadian Albums (#51-#60)

Here is another installment of the best of 2010: Canadian albums.
This time its from #51-#60.
This section I had trouble listing since I had extended from 50 to 75.
What is surprising is that only one album in the list which I actually did a review on the album.
Overall these albums were still great to listen to.
Now you have to wait for the last week of December to find out the Top 50 Canadian albums of 2010.
Let’s the guessing and waiting begin.
Check out the list.

  1. Woodpigeon – Die Stadt Muzikanten

  2. This a pretty record and Mark’s vocal is just so beautiful to listen.
    Listen to Duck Duck Goose

  3. The Mountains and the Trees – I Made This For You

  4. Saw him live in August, Jon Janes a brilliant singer/songwriter with his catchy indie acoustic folk music.
    Listen to More, More, More and Minimum Wage Lovers

  5. Matthew Barber – True Believer

  6. Matthew Barber is such an under-rated musician. A mix of indie folk rock and to pop rock.
    Listen to Revolution of the Sun

  7. Holy F**k – Latin

  8. Somewhat a mellower sound than LP but still a fine album.
    Listen to Red Lights, Latin America and Stilettos

  9. Politique – Secret Shock

  10. Who says Ottawa doesn’t party? Secret Shock is just want we need. Good ol’ fun new wave dance pop tracks.
    Listen to Me Meet After Dark and Battles

  11. Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart

  12. A change from their usual epic psychedelic rock styles and more of a radio friendly approach on Wilderness Heart.
    Listen to Radiant HeartsThe Hair Song and Old Fangs

  13. Wintersleep – New Inheritors

  14. Melody from “New Inheritor may not instantly win over Wintersleep’s old fans, but the album will surely inherit many new ones.
    Listen to New Inheritors, Black Camera, Encyclopedia and Echolocation

  15. Winchester WarmSky One Room

  16. Winchester Warm is more of serious side to them than their other moniker of Poorfolk.
    The album is filled with great indie acoustic folk/rock music.
    Listen to Surf’s Up

  17. Fanshaw – Dark Eyes

  18. Saw her live in June. There was this coolness from Fanshaw. Very similar to Feist.
    Listen to Dark Eyes

  19. Pop Winds – The Turquoise

  20. The guys at Arbutus sure knows how to get interesting bands on their roster.
    A great indie electronica-dance pop experimental music.
    Listen to Owl Eyes, Feel It and Drowning in the Dark

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