Tennyson King – Life on Shore (Carry Me Away) [Music Video]

Tennyson King is an indie folk singer-songwriter from Hong Kong and Canada.
He dropped the music video for Life on Shore (Carry Me Away) from his upcoming debut album .
The track is an easy breezy summer indie folk pop tune.

About the track:
Life On Shore (Carry Me Away). It’s a song filled with guitar sounds mimicking a journey into the ocean – an important and rejuvenating constant. Hailing from Hong Kong and Canada, these elements are integral to Tennyson, who interacts, learns, and escapes within nature in a meditative and peaceful process. Life On Shore (Carry Me Away) was recorded at RHC Studios in Toronto, and was produced and mixed by Juno nominee, Ross Hayes Citrullo. Tennyson says, “The idea [is] of escaping our shores and disappearing into the ocean, being drawn in by all its beauty.”

“This song came to life because of my love for the ocean and being on or in the ocean. My first tour and travels into Australia, was the most time I ever spent near a body of ocean and I realized then how much I love it, how it is a place away from all the stress and troubles that happens on land,” adds Tennyson. “To me now, the ocean is addictive, I never want to be away from it, and when I’m near it, I feel like it’s calling out to me to go out to the water.”

“I love multi-media collaborations and Cesar Barbosa, responsible for all my digital content, just started building video games as a hobby. We thought it was the perfect chance to try something new, and give everyone a different way to experience my music,” says Tennyson. “Everyone knows I’m always running around the world trying to get to my shows, with the game, they can actually be a part of that experience!”

Life on Shore (Carry Me Away) gets:

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