Jae Amends – Car Crash City Boy x 1978 BMW 320i [Listen]

Today, Toronto musician Jae Amends dropped the 2 songs into 1 single called Car Crash City Boy x 1978 BMW 320i.
Jae Amends is the moniker for High‘s Doug Haynes side project.
The leading singles is taken from the upcoming Collection I which is set to come out around December 2021.
Car Crash City Boy x 1978 BMW 320i is a soul baring alt-R&B pop tune that feels very James Blake-esque.

About the tracks:
Metaphorically mirroring events of a tragic accident, Car Crash City Boy is a song about being selfish neglecting the feelings of others and the destruction left in the wake.
1978 BMW 320i offers a retrospective look back on that same destruction, seeing all the positives that were regretfully disregarded in the name of pure self-interest.

The two songs are deeply woven together both in regards to their conceptualization and also through the call and response lyrical allusions reciprocated within each song.
Straying from the traditional song structure of pop music both tracks presents an evolution from the intimate soudns of Haynes and a guitar into a lush, expansive wall of synths, strings and guitars sounds.
Dark and melancholic production with Jae’s honest, vulnerable songwriting combines to creates a record that feels both nostalgic and highly introspective.

Car Crash City Boy x 1978 BMW 320i gets:

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