The Balconies with Sandman Viper Command & The Belle Game @ Zaphods

This is my 700th post on this site.
So what a great way to post this show I went on April 30, 2010.
Playing at Zaphod Beeblebrox were:

Apparently this show was announced a week ago.
So it was crazy last minute getting people informed about this show.
Despite missing the first act who I totally wanted to see.
I managed to get to Zaphods to see most of Sandman Viper Command.

I was kind of bummed out missing The Belle Game’s set.
Looking at the photos my brother took.
It was the band as trio again but this time Aliza was there instead of Tim.
Looked like it was a great set for their first Zaphods show.

Sandmand Viper Command was totally rocking.
I was impress with their set.
It was very fun and the band members are really nice.

Lastly it was The Balconies.
It was sort of a homecoming for them since they have been touring across Canada during March and April.
Friends and families of the band came in for their support.
It was a fun rocking set.
People had their “dancing shoes” on.
Its been awhile since the Balconies played a show at Zaphods.
They played like every song on the album
Played a really new track which I don’t remember the name. No its not Tiger.

Overall it was fun show.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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