The Belle Game/Bent by Elephants @ Le Divan Orange

On the last night of my fun times in Montreal.
I went to Le Divan Orange to see two bands.
They were:

I was very excited to see The Belle Game play live (Check out their BandsUndone session) and in Montreal.
I was hoping to see them as a eight piece but they were a trio due to the Easter weekend and family obligations with the other members.
It was nice to see them as a trio but with two different members.
The band played The Suitcase Song and Tiny Fires. They did sing some new tracks like “I’m Fine” and a cover.
They were great to see live and was entertaining. Le Divan Orange suited them very well. Can’t wait for them to come back to Ottawa.

Bent By Elephants was up next.
They were a eight piece band.
I was not familiar with their music except for finding out that Charlotte Cornfield plays drum in that band.
Their music is indie folk-pop with some jazz/blues beats to it.
They were amazing live and that lead singer can belt out what she can sing.
I didn’t stay long for their set due to being tired from the night before.
Overall it was a great night at Le Divan Orange.

Also I bumped into one member of Parlovr!!!
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