You Say Party! We Say Die! @ La Sala Rossa

After Makeout Videotape’s set.
It was You Say Party! We Say Die!‘s turn to go up on stage.
Going down to Montreal for a spur of the moment long weekend trip.
One show I wanted to attend but got totally sidetrack with this show.
Kind of forgot that they were playing in Montreal.
For myself, who I’ve seen this band various times in Ottawa.
I wanted to see how they play in Montreal.
The vibe was more fun and people were getting their groove on with their music.
I loved hearing “There Is XXXX (Within My Heart)”, “Glory”, “Dark Days” and “Laura Palmer’s Prom” all from their current album “XXXX”.
They also played older songs like “Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!”, “Monster”, “Opportunity” and “Like I Give A Care”.
All the songs I seem to know by heart and was singing out loud to these songs.
After the last song “Like I Give A Care”, some members of Makeout Videotape and Braid came on stage and crowd surf which was unsuccessful until Becky did it.
It was a first for myself to see it happen and have her climb on me so she won’t fall on the stage and easily back to the stage.
Great to see Montrealers wanting to interact with Becky during the encore where people had to sing “You Say Party! We Say Die!”.
Overall it was a totally crazy fun dancing rocking show.
I sorely miss the four “X” lights
I was very pleased to spend my fun Montreal weekend.
Also I saw Vincent from Winter Gloves at the show.
Here are the photos.[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623778925648″]

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