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I was checking Meet You At The Show and was curious about The Breezes who they have covered recently.
E-mailed a member about reviewing their EP and a few days ago received the CD in the mail.

Here is a blurb about the band from CBC Radio3:
The Breezes is made up of Montreal recording artists and musicians Matty Oppenheimer Jr., Daniel LeZnoff, James Benjamin and Adam Feingold.
Formerly known as Flesh Alliance during their summer 2007 stint with local artist and self proclaimed visionary revolutionary Francois Zephyr Aleph Cliché,
the group has played shows at various venues in Montreal.

The EP consist of five tracks.
Its a blend of indie pop, rock-alternative and abit of new wave.
With a name like that, their sound does have a breezing pop feel.
Also they almost have that 1960s pop sound like let’s say The Beach Boys.
The rest of the EP is very catchy and quirky
There is a f-bomb dropped on “James Benjamin’s Pill Poppin Hop” but is still great to listen to.
While “Count To 11” is my favorite and feels like they should submit that song for a children’s show for CBC.

Overall its a great start and debut for this Montreal band.
A band that should get some attention in 2010.

Best tracks:

  • Go Without
  • [audio:]
  • Grrl
  • James Benjamin’s Pill Poppin Hop
  • Count To 11


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