Woodhands – Remorsecapade (Review)

Another release on January 26th is Toronto electro-rock duo Woodhands.
Remorsecapade is the follow-up to their insanely fun dancey 2008 Heart Attack.
The duo has been touring constantly promoting Heart Attack.
Paul been touring with his other band The Rural Alberta Advantage.
Right now there are people who either like or dislike Woodhands.
I totally like Woodhands not because of their music.
But don’t want to take myself too seriously and just want to have fun and dance away my troubles with their music.

While listening to Remorsecapade there is more of the techno beats synth sound.
They still maintain that Woodhands sound with Paul’s crazy drum beating and Dan’s insanely intense vocals and beating the keyboards.
Some maybe shocked with one song called Sluts.
Feminist groups will be up in arms.
There is more of chill out side to Woodhands with track like Dissembler and I Want To Be Together/How To Survive a Remorsecapade

Overall I definitely enjoyed this album.
Can’t wait to see their live shows.

Best tracks:

  • Pockets
  • [audio:http://www.dbfest.com/woodhands-pockets.mp3]
  • Talk
  • CP24
  • Coolchazine
  • [audio:http://gramotunes.com/Woodhands_Coolchazine.mp3]
  • Dissembler (feat. Maylee Todd)
  • When The Party Is Over
  • I Want To Be Together

If I rate this, it would be 8.7/10.
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