The Russian Futurists – The Weight’s On The Wheels (Review)

Its been awhile since The Russian Futurists has released anything new.
Not since his so called greatest hits “Me, Myself & Rye”.
I have to say the album cover is kind of funny (In a comedy sense).

The fourth album (technically five) “The Weight’s On The Wheels” drops on November 16, 2010.
The album title comes from the leading groovy song “Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds”.
When I interviewed him back in September, he mentioned about the long wait on the new album.
The whole album is full of great indie electro-pop dance.
There is some 80s synth sound in To Be Honest.
While there is the hip-hop beats in 100 Shopping Days ‘Til Christmas and Plates.
The production value is very high from previous albums he has made.
Lots of great catchy hooks and lyrics.
A surprise that Ruth Minikin sings in “One Night, One Kiss” considering The Russian Futurists.
With the leading single Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds and Tripping Horses having this upbeat clubbing dancey feel which is like a journey to a dance club.
Overall I was totally enjoyed this album.
I can understand why it took so long.
Best tracks:

I’d give this album 8.7/10.
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