The Verge Music Awards: Finalists

I haven’t been paying attention to this.
But the finalists for the second annual XM/Verge Awards has been announced.
Not sure if the finalist are voting based or judging based.

So here is the category.

Artist of the Year:

Album Of the Year:

Winners will be revealed on September 22nd which is one day after the Polaris Music Prize.

My prediction for Best Artist will be:
Popularity wise: Alexisonfire (depending on how websavy the teens/fans are).
Artistic Merit wise: Joel Plaskett or Dan Mangan (He totally deserves to win).
But I want Said The Whale to win.

Best Album:
Popularity wise I would say Alexisonfire annd MetricT
Artistic merit wise: Three by Joel Plaskett or O My Heart
The underdog will be Mother Mother’s O My Heart.
But I want Joel to win since its a big ambitious album.

These are my prediction.

Congrats to Dan Mangan, he totally deserves it.
Means he will be a bigger star now and selling out shows.


  1. Brenda

    I agree with your predictions… I don’t think it’s by vote at this stage anymore. The finalists were chosen by vote.

    Joel Plaskett!!

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