Guerilla Magazine Fifth Anniversary Party

Click on the image to purchase printed issue #21

You would be asking, “What is Guerilla Magazine?”
No its not the animal.
Guerilla is a Ottawa magazine focusing on the arts, music and culture in the city.
The magazine was started in 2004 and for their fifth anniversary, the creative director Tony Martin decided to have it at the Arts Court.
Also it was the release of issue 21.
Which you would be wondering why I am covering this on a music blog? Which I will get to it, it want to read mostly the event itself, it would be on my photo site.
On the cover it features Rolf Klausener of the Acorn.
For those not in Ottawa you should totally purchase the print issue.
Tony Martin did a great in-depth interview with Rolf.
I am excited the new album which comes out in March of 2010.
I am guessing in March or April 2010, The Acorn will be Artist of the Month for X3
Rolf was not at the party because I would have went to Raw Sugar Cafe for this show.
Also at the event there was musicians playing.
Playing were Ghetto Blast,Dr.Lee’s Percussion and The Latest Artists.
Both acts were enjoyable and great to listen.
I wanted to dance but I had my stuff around and I didn’t want to look like an idiot.
Love the visuals they had on the background.
It added a great atmosphere to the whole event.

Ghetto Blast
Guerilla 5th Anniversary Party
Dr.Lee Percussions
Guerilla 5th Anniversary Party
The Latest Artist
Guerilla 5th Anniversary Party

I got to meet Angelina McCormick who is a Ottawa photographer.
She did the front cover of the magazine which you see here.
If you didn’t know, she did the album cover for Kathleen Edward‘s Asking For Flowers.
Just told her how I really loved the album cover and I didn’t know she actually took the photo of Kathleen in the booklet.
She was saying how nice and lovely.
We said she is an amazing singer.
Mention how that photos of hers actually fits well with the album.
I wanted to see the actual image from the album cover, but she told me that a gallery in New York holds the rights at the moment.
Angelina is a nice person and finally got to meet her.

I also met one half of StrayOtic.
Told him that I really want to see a show of theirs, which they are next week at Ritual Nightclub.
I should try and check out their music.

Ben Welland of Sadie Hell was on hand at the event.
Guerilla 5th Anniversary Party
He has a work up there.
On the Sadie Hell front, that he finally completed the album.
Which is great to hear considering it is about two years in the making.

Overall I had a fun night at the event.
Mix of young and old attending.
Keep up the work Guerilla magazine and thanks Jessica Ruano for mentioning this site.

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