The Besnard Lakes – Feuds With Guns [Music Video]

Today, Montreal psych-rock band The Besnard Lakes dropped the music video for Feuds With Guns
The track is taken from their new album called The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings which is set for release on January 29, 2021 via Flemish Eye in Canada, Fat Cat Records in the USA and Full Time Hobby in the UK/EU.
Feuds With Guns has that 80s dream-like rock vibe to it.

About the song and music video:
The track arrives with a whimsical animated video directed by Dr. Cool who said, “I rotoscoped a couple of the big dives from a video of an extreme high-diving contest that took place in the 80s.
About a week after I had animated the first guy’s big jump, I returned to the video to check out some other usable clips.
I realized I had never watched the full clip of the first jump – I had just stopped once he hit the water. I found out that after he lands in the water he floats back up unconscious and then gets taken away on a stretcher.
So now what was I supposed to do?
People in the comments were asking what had happened but no one knew the answer.
After a bunch of snooping around the internet I found the guy’s Facebook and he’s TOTALLY alive.
His name is Pat and he lives in Florida. I messaged him but he hasn’t answered.”

“‘Feuds With Guns’ is one of the first songs written from our upcoming LP.
This one is a good slow-dancer! Written almost entirely in the Cabanon at The Rigaud Ranch, this one started out as an organ and drum idea that morphed into a little OMD-style pop song.”
“’Feuds With Guns’ invites listeners back into The Besnard Lakes’ dreamy landscapes, swept along by the tide of the band’s hazy psychedelic style….(and) delivers one of their most intoxicating pop songs yet.”

Feuds With Guns gets:

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