Thee Male Nurse and Friendo @ Raw Sugar Cafe

October 14th at the lovely Raw Sugar Cafe.
There were two acts playing and they were:
Thee Male Nurse
Thee Male Nurse @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Friendo @ Raw Sugar Cafe
I was excited to see Friendo because they are from Calgary and one of the member is in the band Women.
Also I like going to Raw Sugar Cafe since its nice and cozy.
Things were abit late because Friendo lost a musical equipment.
But they finally got one for their set.

The first act was Thee Male Nurse.
I’ve seen him play alot of times.
It was a coincidence because last year he opened up for Chad Vangaalen and Women.
His set was great and did some surprising songs.
Short and loud.
Here is a youtube clip of him playing live.

The final act is Friendo.
I really enjoyed their set.
They are a trio from Calgary.
Very indie pop new wavy rock sound.
Noticing there is alot of talent coming out of Calgary.
This band is one them.
Afterwards I got Mike to listen to the Green Go Remix of Black Rice.
He actually liked it and was surprised he didn’t know there was a remix of it.
It was nice evening at Raw Sugar Cafe which is becoming my favourite place for different kinds of live music.

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