Halabisky's Uprising – State Of Emergency (Review)

Today in the mail I got this CD from Dave Halabisky.
If you don’t know who him, he plays saxophone for the band Sadie Hell.

Here is the blurb from his Myspace:
The no-nonsense debut album “State of Emergency” is the first album that Dave has made outside of a band setting and also marks his first efforts in engineering and mixing. Recorded in Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Stockholm between 2007 and 2009, “State of Emergency” features collaborations with Moka Only, Amalia Townsend, Atherton and Sadie Hell.”

This album is a mix of indie Nu-Jazz, hip-hop and experimental.
Surprised that Moka Only did a collaboration on the track More/Less.
Nice to hear a collaboration with Sadie Hell. Sounds different from what I’ve heard from Ben Welland’s vocals but its good to have something in studio format.
Loving the instrumental jazz tracks, feels like you are transported to a summery place.

Best track:

  • Rebellion #1
  • More/Less (feat. Moka Only)
  • Hunting The Hunter
  • State Of Emergency (feat. Amalia Townsend)
  • Rogue MF
  • Selfish (Would You Do It Again) [feat. Sadie Hell]
  • Marching To The Tick Of A Bomb
  • Bite Off Your Spine (Featuring Atherton)

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